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AT&T to iPhone Users: Poor Service is All Your Fault

Last week AT&T wireless head Ralph de la Vega revealed that dropped calls and spotty service on AT&T’s 3G network isn’t really the company’s fault: It’s yours. For using your phone in the first place. Betraying a sinister Obamarxist agenda, … Continue reading

File Under: Really? – The N Word on Your iPhone

The challenge of Word Warp, the popular iPhone anagram game, is to unscramble the letters and create as many words as you can — without perpetrating a hate crime. Can you find a word that uses all six letters? Good … Continue reading

Reader Appreciation: Questions of degrees

Thanks to the readers who found the site yesterday by searching “medium lesbians” and “am i an escort.” I really hope I could help lead you toward some sense of reconciliation. These things can be so … nuanced. medium lesbians … Continue reading

I Can Hear You Sucking

an open letter   Dear everyone else on the subway, Your headphones suck. So does your taste in music, but that’s not the point. The point is that I shouldn’t know you listen to crap because I am a stranger. … Continue reading

How Far We’ve Come: Ten Years of iTunes

Today Engadget celebrates the 10th anniversary of iTunes with a touching look back at Steve-O’s initial front in the digital music revolution. Look out for cutting edge buzzwords like “MP3,” “rip” and “playlist.” This “playlist” thing Jobs describes as a … Continue reading

Best Intextions: Outside Sources

A couple of sites are chock full of hilarious auto-correct text mishaps like the one above from iPhuckups. Another, Damn You Auto Correct, launched a little after, takes contributions. Most come from iPhones. Freaking iPhones. Enjoy.

Apple Gets Political with a West Bank Settlement App

A new free iPhone app called Facts on the Ground allows users to track the construction of Israeli settlements in contested territories. As the app’s makers, Americans for Peace Now explain: You can use this map to explore the data … Continue reading

Best Intextions: I Had A Accident!

This morning my friend and I came up with a great plan for the day. (Sitting near one another, with our laptops.) I sent her a text message that I’d come over and pick up a few snacks on the … Continue reading

Best Intextions: A First Look

Long before Google Suggest and the Google Game your cell phone was trying to read your mind. Predictive Text, or T9, employs algorithms of spelling and common usage to help you skip all the button-pushing of old school 1-for-A, 2-for-B … Continue reading

iPad Solutions for Early Adopters

If you want to print: If you want to multitask: The Wisdom of Woz Why Apple’s cofounder wants two iPads. By Daniel Lyons Published Mar 26, 2010, from the magazine issue dated Apr 5, 2010 So have you ordered one? I’ve … Continue reading