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And another thing about the Twitter

….it makes it real easy to go off message. Like really, really off message. Monday night, a spokesperson for California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman left a letter off the end of a address in a campaign-related tweet. In a … Continue reading

Two Tweets Up: HBO scrapes bottom of Twitter barrel for reviews

HBO’s new series Bored to Death has a lot going for it. Well, it’s got Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson, who, in the latest episode, was described by his erudite gay male escort as “a buff Samuel Beckett.” But don’t … Continue reading

Analog Files: Twitter Taken Down, Tweaking Twats Take to the Streets, Titter in Micro-Pidgin

When some ingenious hacker brought the Tower of Twitter crashing down for two hours this morning, micro-bloggers, their MacBooks and iPhones rendered useless, stumbled bewildered into the streets groping blindly in the sunlight for a way to express their distress. … Continue reading

On the Colorado Dark Knight Shooting: Are You an Actor? Then Shut Up.

What happened at the midnight Dark Knight Rises showing in Aurora, CO was horrendous and sad. But you don’t need me to tell you that. You know what else you don’t need to hear? Twitter commentary from actors and hacks. … Continue reading

Fox News Boobs Cover Boob-Cover Hoax

Oh, you morons. Take it away, Slate: A Fox News website has picked up a hoax story about an Islamic council in Pakistan protesting the use of padded and colorful bras and presented it as fact. The story, which is … Continue reading

Nerds Fail to Seal the Deal at Atl Sci Fi Convention

The 24th annual Dragon*Con event wrapped up in Atlanta this weekend, leaving some nerds wondering “did I just miss my chance to score?” Thank goodness for Craigslist Missed Connections: Hottest guy at Dragon Con! – w4m – 27 Date: 2010-09-06, … Continue reading

Redifining the OED: Aging Tome Commits Digital Hara-Kiri

dic·tio·nary noun \ˈdik-shə-ˌner-ē, -ˌne-rē\ archaic: a reference book containing words alphabetically arranged along with information about their forms, pronunciations, functions, etymologies, meanings, and syntactical and idiomatic uses. Historically dictionaries were printed on paper and bound between leather covers. [see: book, … Continue reading

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Tweet ‘Em

The Unhappy Mediator is unhappy to announce that No Happy Medium is now on Twitter. Indie darlings Built to Spill once said, “I don’t like this air, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop breathing it.” If Weird Al Yankovic … Continue reading

Dads Say the Darndest Things

This fall CBS will air a new show based on the popular Twitter feed Shit My Dad Says, or @shitmydadsays for those of you who are no longer comfortable with capitals and spaces. The sitcom stars William Shatner, who’s really … Continue reading

Today’s Tweets, Tomorrow’s Textbooks

In case historical Google searches and most-watched YouTube videos weren’t enough to condemn our time as an epoch marked by frivolity and self-indulgent rot, the Library of Congress announced today that it will archive all Twitter posts since March 2006. … Continue reading