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Turn on Your TV: These Ads Don’t Suck!

Can you figure out why I love this commercial? If you guessed it’s because I love candy bars and making fun of iPhone apps, you win. And so does this commercial. Indeed, it won a video contest to get on … Continue reading

Google Game: Why won’t my…?

Am I tempted to take this set of results as an opportunity to soliloquize smugly on the fallibility of Apple? To point out the difference between omnipresence and omnipotence? You bet I am. But I won’t. Much. Considering that people … Continue reading

Google Game: What’s so great about…

Every era has its fascinations, zeigeists that intrigue and often confuse. The most complex or enigmatic of these will persist in popular interest as the ages progress, placing time’s most enduring allurements in fraternity with today’s spurious obsessions. And therefore … Continue reading


OK, OK. I cave. I have to talk about the iPad. I get it. On my failure to address last week’s most impactful appearance of an important public figure, I’ve not much to say. iPad? My bad. And I reckon … Continue reading

Ralph Waldo Emerson Would Probably Call You a Pussy

Logic leads to advancements, which in turn dictate logic. Why call someone when you can Facebook them? Why scan the street for an address when you can check the location on your iPhone? You could pick up a book on … Continue reading

In Response to AT&T Lawsuit Verizon Employs Classic You’re-Just-Jealous Defense

Verizon did a bang up job with its There’s a Map for That commercials, lambasting AT&T’s shitty nationwide 3G coverage. So the latter, naturally, sued to get the ads off the air, on the grounds that they mislead the viewer … Continue reading

Finally, a Way to Turn Your iPod into a Zune

Ever look at your iPod and think, “Gee, I wish you were more like a Zune”? Well aren’t you in luck. Today iBiquity, developer of HD radio technologies, announced an $80 receiver accessory that will let your iPod or iPhone … Continue reading


In case you felt people weren’t paying quite enough attention to your weight-loss efforts, now you can auto-Tweet the progress you’re making on those jelly rolls and muffin tops. Withings, maker of a sleek iPhone-adapted body mass indexing scale have … Continue reading

The Reluctant Technologist on the LG enV3

For all its pros, the enV2’s slicker younger sibling has got plenty of cons. Read on for the good, the bad and the just plain weird.

Do You Take Your Gadgets for Granted?

In 1961 two programmers taught the IBM 7094 how to sing. Kennedy was president, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was a hit, the Germans were building a wall, and in a laboratory at IBM a room-sized 7094 Data Processing System, built … Continue reading