The message is in the media.

Just as important as what we read, hear and watch is how we read, hear and watch it. Marshall McLuhan knew it nearly half a century ago, and it’s only truer today. What are we saying? How are we saying it? And what does that say about us? Where technology and communications meet there is no happy medium.

Here you’ll find eyebrow raisers, head scratchers, knee slappers, the occasional tip of the cap, and a handful of dry heaves culled from the vast, insidious media universe.

PLUS! Tech reviews for people who hate tech reviews. Gadget and gizmo tips and condemnations from the Reluctant Technologist.





The roles of the Unhappy Mediator and the Reluctant Technologist are played by Amanda Schupak, a Luddite science and technology journalist, whose work can often be found in Popular Science and other magazines.