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Google Game Challenge: Never Forget

Once upon a time in a land right very much like this one, a simple Google search for “Santorum” immediately produced a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex. (Digitally. I mean– That is– In electronic form.) Then an evil wind blew across the country, its fetid stench putting the good people under a wicked spell that made Rick Santorum look like a viable candidate for President of the United States of America. And in the meantime, the Savage definition of Santorum has fallen in rank on Google’s search results, despite a recent, ahem, surge on the internet.

I’m asking you to do your part by Googling Santorum. Link to it. Email it. Never forget. NEVER FORGET.

God bless.


19 January, 2011 22:58

[Editor’s note: Please, please do not attempt to copy-paste that link into your browser. It is evil and intentionally inert. See post above.]


Dear readers,

No Happy Medium is about to go on a two-month hiatus while the Unhappy Mediator ventures into territories unknown, places unwired. There is no Last Mile in the Syrian desert.

The site will be back in swing in July. In the meantime I hope you’ll stop by every now and again. Maybe read those early posts you never saw. Revisit (and forward and tweet!) old favorites. Think fondly of your wayward digital curmudgeon.

Until next time,
The Unhappy Mediator
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