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Google Game: Is it cool?

I think it’s safe to say: If you have to ask, the answer is no.

…or at the very least, it can be assumed that those who are searching for the above:

  • don’t smoke
  • aren’t “bi”
  • are white
  • wear American Eagle

Google Game: Things to do other than…

While writing last week’s Google Game post I stumbled upon a gem of a search. From time to time in life you realize that you need a change. You’re on a path someone else laid out for you, or you’re whiling away precious time, or you’re stuck in self-destructive patterns. Naturally, when it’s time to take control an open-ended interweb search is step 1:

Apparently a lot of people are looking for alternative routes after high school, because as far as I can tell these are all elements of the college experience.


Yup, sounds about right.

Smoking Section Semantics

“I’m sorry, you can’t smoke here.”
“Oh, ok. Well, can I smoke here?”
“Sure, knock yourself out.”

Taken on Eldridge between Stanton and Rivington.

Google Game: Withdrawal

Yesterday, while reflecting on the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur I thought about Google-searching for atonement. But that was soon replaced by a fixation on being hungry, which was then supplanted by the cranium stabbing sabers of a mondo caffeine withdrawal headache. As I went through a cruel and dismal day without coffee, I became curious about what others were withdrawing or withdrawing from.

gg withdrawal

At first blush, it’s a pretty dire picture. We’re hooked on nicotine and booze and pain killers. And we’re depressed. And we’re running low on liquidity. But on the bright side, we’re trying to get off the cigs and the sauce and the pills. And at least some of us are getting it on. (Whoever they are, let’s hope their attempts to do so without getting knocked up are working; if you’re searching the Internet for tips on the withdrawal method, the gene pool kindly declines your deposit.)

So to recap – Name four things people withdraw from. (Show me Iraq.)
Survey says:

drugsfam feud
the bank
your vagina