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Gaming the Google Game… for Charity!

If you Google “Sweet Home Alabama: A Performance to Aid Disaster Relief” you don’t get any automatic suggestions. But you do get a northern spin on a southern classic and an easy and duly rewarding way to contribute to the relief efforts in Alabama.

Listen if you want to, give if you can — and for goodness’ sake, pass it the heck on.

Arranged and performed by members of The Shake, Apollo Run and other yankee gonnabes. Directed and edited by our own Nick Schupak. Promise, you’ll never feel better (read: less regretful) about listening to Skynyrd.

Updated May 18: Go to help-alabama.org to care/give/help.

Google Game: Different types of

Ordinarily I wouldn’t want to have consecutive Google Games based on such similar searches, but when my¬† brother (currently on a northeast tour with The Shake) told me he’d stumbled upon it I just had to share:

Who knew there were so many aspiring hippie lawyers online?

And wait, perms? Really? Related searches: Different types of shoulder pads.

New Music: On the Pulse, in a Seat, Dignity No Extra Charge

Yes, someone is trying to revive the integrity of modern music. And it so happens it’s my brother, in New York (fucking) City. Forget the shuffle at the front of the stage and the jostle at the bar. Sit in seats like grown ups and enjoy a half dozen of NYC’s most promising musical upstarts in a civilized setting that puts the focus on performance and artistry, where it rightly belongs. The Theater Shows, presented by CitizenMusic. Three nights only in March at the Players Theater on MacDougal.

Folks, this is what happens when Rock n Roll puts on a suit and tie:

Click here for tickets. (Or here, if you’re into the Facebook.) Twelve measly bones for a truly unique experience in the New York music scene. Something new? Who knew? Get ’em while you can. I’ll see you there.

The Deli Serves Up Some Shake

The Shake rock.

The Shake rock.

The CMJ Music Marathon is an annual, awesomely unnavigable smorgasbord of underground acts around the city. Yesterday a writer covering the festival for The Deli mag made her way into a pre-happy hour mini-showcase of artists from Citizen Music (my li’l brother’s management co.) to catch a set by The Shake, a freshfaced rock and roll four-piece with stellar vocals, catchy guitar hooks and a penchant for the occasional disco cover. Check out the review under “Lindsey’s CMJ day 3” — and be sure to watch the video for The Shake’s single Manic Boogie. I defy you not to chair-dance.