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Gaming the Google Game… for Charity!

If you Google “Sweet Home Alabama: A Performance to Aid Disaster Relief” you don’t get any automatic suggestions. But you do get a northern spin on a southern classic and an easy and duly rewarding way to contribute to the relief efforts in Alabama.

Listen if you want to, give if you can — and for goodness’ sake, pass it the heck on.

Arranged and performed by members of The Shake, Apollo Run and other yankee gonnabes. Directed and edited by our own Nick Schupak. Promise, you’ll never feel better (read: less regretful) about listening to Skynyrd.

Updated May 18: Go to help-alabama.org to care/give/help.

Arcade Fire and Google Chrome Take Over Your Home Town — And Every Window on Your Desktop

Heed the advice at thewildernessdowntown.com and download Google Chrome to launch this experimental interactive video for the new Arcade Fire song “We Used to Wait,” from director Chris Milk and the boy wonders at Chrome Experiments.

Safe to venture it’s a music/web/video first, of Google Earth proportions. Totally safe for work, unless there’s a chance of the boss coming by in the next four minutes or so. Alt + Tab will get you nowhere.

Check it out. Pretty cool stuff indeed.