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This Week’s Top Nerd Mail: Japanese 3D Hologram Pop Star

The email began like this:

Hi Amanda

I wanted to send this quick pitch through in case you were thinking about doing a piece on the Japanese Pop sensation, Hatsune Miku, who is actually an animated 3D hologram.

It goes on to explain that “the invented idol’s DVD is selling out and she/it is becoming a legit phenomenon.”

Did you know about this? Apparently she/it has performed to capacity crowds at stadium concerts in Japan. I had no idea. So I checked out the video the flack sent me and… holy shit:

According to the LA Times tech blog “Miku is a singing, digital avatar created by Crypton Future Media that customers can purchase and then program to perform any song on a computer. Crypton uses voices recorded by actors and runs them through Yamaha Corp.’s Vocaloid software -– marketed as ‘a singer in a box.'”

Vocaloid recently announced a new addition to its holo-talent roster, Utatane Piko, a twee little digiboy with a USB tail. Beginning December 8 he’ll be available from Sony Music Shop for 15,750 Yen.

For reference, that’s over $190. Jesus. There are countries where you could get a real boy for that.

This Week’s Top Nerd-mail Dec 13-19

Seasons greetings from the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

[From Norway to you, via my inbox]

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This Week’s Top Nerd-mail

Gold Star!

I get a healthy handful of emails from tech companies and PR agencies with some pretty lame-sounding subject lines in my in-box each week — Large Display Industry Snapshot 2009, Interactive Toy Concepts at CES 2010 and WOORYWOOS TAKE OVER TV, to name a few from the last couple days. But then I get one like this that’s so over-the-top geektastic and it makes all the others fade away:

Futron! Space Competitiveness! Webinar! A veritable cavalcade of scitech buzzwordiness. I don’t even care what it means — sign me up.