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So This Is What I’m Missing on Facebook

Thanks to my little bro for sending me this golden nugget from the New York Knicks’ facebook page. He tells me that the admin posted the picture below with the caption “Browse through the Knicks City Dancers Auditions gallery from this past weekend. Over 500 dancers graced The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers to compete for a spot on the 2012-13 squad.”

Fair enough. But god help me, the comments. Really, guys, blodes prefer gentlemen.

Quoth the bro: “I don’t know exactly what to make of this, but let’s just hope the age of the internet comment is coming to an end.”

Personally, I choose Oblivion.

Hate it? Buy it!

Fashion don'ts — and how to do them

I’m not entirely sure what compelled me to click on the omg! link on my Yahoo Mail homepage leading to an “article” about the Olsen twins’ recent fashion mistakes. Exhaustion, boredom and even a surprising occasional interest in Worst Dressed features doesn’t quite explain it, but anyway. It was worth it to discover that the site will run an entire slideshow exclusively on celebrities donning hideous outfits, but still include a pop-up called “Get the Look,” calling out each item of offense and where to buy it. OMG, indeed. Morons. Readers, writers: Morons.

Fox News Boobs Cover Boob-Cover Hoax

Oh, you morons.

Take it away, Slate:

A Fox News website has picked up a hoax story about an Islamic council in Pakistan protesting the use of padded and colorful bras and presented it as fact.

The story, which is still featured on Fox News’ Fox Nation website, was illustrated with a picture of a woman’s mid-section and carried the headline “Pakistan: Islamic Clerics Protest Women Wearing Padded Bras as ‘Devil’s Cushions.'” (UPDATE 9:30: Fox has now pulled the story. See the original here.)

…[T]he whole thing is an obvious Onion-style satire — a fact first pointed out by Arif Rafiq of the Pakistan Policy Blog.

The sify.com story linked by Fox cites a “report” from yet another site called Roznama Jawani.

Roznama Jawani, in turn, appears to be a Pakistani version of the Onion, featuring such stories as “Karachi Preparing a Huge Ass Bat to Beat the Shit Out of Kamran Akmal,” “Altaf Hussain Challenges Imran Khan to a Rap Battle to Settle Differences,” and “Man From Peshawar Sues Red Bull. Says he has no wings!”

Matter of fact, in my limited experience in the Muslim world, padded, colorful bras are not only acceptable, they’re everywhere. Bazars are lined with bedazzled braziers, and women with headscarves paw unabashedly through racks of neon and lace. Even midscale shops in Syria equally supply for beauty on the inside and the outside:

Facebook Status Reveals Humanity’s Descent Down (Storm) Drain

Janey Collins is digitally debunking Darwinism

Janey Collins is digitally debunking Darwinism

A recent news story: Two Australian girls, ages 10 and 12, were lost in a storm drain. Rather than use their phones to call for help, they changed their facebook statuses. A friend saw the message and called emergency services.

You’d think I’d go off on the runaway oversaturation of facebook in daily life. No, I’m going to turn this on families, the original social network. You might not be able to control what your jittery tweens do online, but it’s still your responsibility to impart common sense lessons for the real world. Like how to dial 911, or 116 or whatever they have down there.

Open letter to parents: Do your fucking job, wouldja?

[via ABC News]