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Buy One Now

Whether or not you speak Spanish, you’ll understand the simple elegance of the product being presented in the video above. It’s a truly transcendent technology. Transplendent, even.


[Thanks, Kate.]

Don’t Even Tnhk of Parking Here

Even after taking this photo at the Port Authority I didn’t recognize the full extent of its error. We all remember that email that went around a few years ago about how you can read words whose letters are jumbled around as long as the first and last letters are in their proper places. That was what I thought of: Well, you can still read it, and if it gets the job done it gets the job done. But then I looked again, a little more carefully. A-t-v-i-e? Remarkable. Oh, and you can’t see it, but some sidewalk editorĀ  drew a small c between with A and the T. Probably walked off feeling pretty smart, too.

Google Game: Ways to improve

I’m sure to most of us this list looks at least somewhat familiar. We all forget, we all slump, and certainly we’ve all wondered how we can do or be or feel better. Even if we don’t necessarily turn to Google for help.

Rather than address each concern, let’s focus on just a couple that are particularly germane to NHM’s primary slant. (In the meantime you can transfer balances to a 12-month 0% fixed rate card, clean your filters, and practice trying to touch your toes.)

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