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Buy One Now

Whether or not you speak Spanish, you’ll understand the simple elegance of the product being presented in the video above. It’s a truly transcendent technology. Transplendent, even.


[Thanks, Kate.]

Not Above Laughing: Two Balls by Pino Luongo

Don’t even pretend you think that’s not freaking hilarious. Pino Luongo and two balls. Bahahahahaaa.

“You know, that’s a pretty normal Italian name,” said my father, embarrassed at my unbridled laughter as we exited the neighborhood restaurant selling these cookbooks.

“Pop, it says Pino Luongo and two meatballs on it. Give me a break. That’s fucking funny.”

“It says two meatballs?” He took a moment. “I did not notice that. You’re right. That’s fucking funny.”

Yeah. You heard it here. Pino Loungo and two meatballs. Fucking funny.

Google Game: Most Important

What I like about this set of Google suggestions is that it demonstrates some genuine, if misguided, attempts at self-edification.

I’m not quite sure why people are trying to find out what the most important languages are — can a language be unimportant? — and I don’t think that Catalogs.com’s list of history’s 10 most important people would have been my choice for top search result, but at least folks are trying, right?

Not long ago met a guy, a recent college graduate (well, it was art school), who has never read a novel. I was happy to guide him in the direction of a few potential first books, weighing his personality and interests, and managing to resist berating him mercilessly for his inexcusable illiteracy. I hope I make a lifetime reader out of him. Or at least that he reads one thing that’s not some highminded po-mo criticism bullshit. And I sincerely hope that some Google searching for most important books will lead to other hopeless illiterates picking up a volume or two. Maybe that’s a stretch, but at least “Most Important Websites” hasn’t made it to the top 10 yet.