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Semicolon? More Like Semi-Awesome.

I love it when I see two of my favorite things put together. In this case: proper punctuation and going out for Japanese.

For more on how to use the semicolon, please see the Oatmeal’s summary lesson.

For another pleasing paring, watch the okonomiyaki robot in action. Okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese omelette-pancake, roughly translates to “your favorites, grilled.” Try not to drool; he might short circuit.

I love the taste of egg and innovation.

Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers Bring in the Season(ing)

Add these wind-up robot salt and pepper shakers to my Festivus wish list. They’re robots and toys and food-related all at the same time. I’m in love.

Unfortunately, at 20 Euro/$30 from Britain’s Suck UK I could barely justify the price tag, without additional shipping. Maybe they could just wind ’em up real good for me and point ’em West?

[via Gizmodo]


Hi. I rock.

These incredible, covet-able robots are all made from retired electronics. I’m hardly driven enough to even bring my old cell phone to the place down the street to recycle it, let alone remotely creative or dexterous enough to fashion it into an awesomely adorable figurine the way some artsy modders do:

See more robo-radness at hack n mod. And, watch this slideshow of “sparebots” made from capacitors, diodes, resistors, LEDs and bits of wire made by some tinkerer called Lenny. I’m gaga for these guys. Lenny’s masterful photography skills don’t hurt none. I’ll have some of that too, please.