Google Game: Most Important

What I like about this set of Google suggestions is that it demonstrates some genuine, if misguided, attempts at self-edification.

I’m not quite sure why people are trying to find out what the most important languages are — can a language be unimportant? — and I don’t think that’s list of history’s 10 most important people would have been my choice for top search result, but at least folks are trying, right?

Not long ago met a guy, a recent college graduate (well, it was art school), who has never read a novel. I was happy to guide him in the direction of a few potential first books, weighing his personality and interests, and managing to resist berating him mercilessly for his inexcusable illiteracy. I hope I make a lifetime reader out of him. Or at least that he reads one thing that’s not some highminded po-mo criticism bullshit. And I sincerely hope that some Google searching for most important books will lead to other hopeless illiterates picking up a volume or two. Maybe that’s a stretch, but at least “Most Important Websites” hasn’t made it to the top 10 yet.

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