Google Game: Do other…? (A Gender Study)

As we’ve seen before, searching Google is a popular and private way to express your deepest insecurities, while also getting to see that others out there are having the same worries. For instance:

Lotsa folks are unsure what other people think of them, and are trying to find out. Is it possible to drill down a little more, perhaps do a little demographic analysis? I think it is…

So, we know that people want to know how they’re perceived by others. But do we know who’s asking? The Unhappy Mediator tried to tease it out, searching for “do other men.” I found: nothing.

I mean it. Literally nothing. No suggestions pop up. Which means either men aren’t using Google to find out what other men are doing/thinking/feeling, or what they’re looking for has been deemed unsuitable for Google Suggest.

And how about the ladies? A search for “do other women” produced this:

Bingo. Please note, Google will return the top 10 most commonly searched phrases. But evidently, in this case, two were sufficient.

For the sake of science I meandered along the keyboard to see if there were groups besides men and women looking for solidarity. But this is pretty much all I found:

While we’re at it, here’s a fun little footnote. You know how Google will suggest similar searches at the bottom of a results page? Here’s what you find if you complete the search (above) for “do other people exist”:

Um. Wait, what?

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