Google Game: Africans (and other ethnic queries)

Inspired by last week’s Google Game exploring the midgets of our curiosity — ahem, the limits of our curiosity — one of NHM’s readers began asking similar questions of the search engine. What are people wondering… about other people?

I can’t quite fathom why so many query whether Africans are partial to deodorant, French and milk, but the extra muscle q certainly comes from feeling inadequate. Kenyans often win marathons; White Men Can’t Jump. Ergo: Africans (that’s the same as “black,” right?) must have something physiologically over the slow and pasty.

If you feel like doing a little ethnic googling of your own, you’re sure to find that our collective searching betrays a pervasive insecurity.

Go ‘head, pick a people. Italians. Germans. Poles, Japanese, French, Indian… Folks want to know:

  • Do they like Americans?
  • Do they like Jews?
  • Do they like blacks?

They also want to know if they celebrate Halloween. And Thanksgiving. Yup, Thanksgiving.

Oh, and naturally we wonder if Africans eat monkeys, if the Chinese eat dogs and cats, and if Japanese people eat babies.

[Thanks, Tuck]

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