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Facebook Status Reveals Humanity’s Descent Down (Storm) Drain

Janey Collins is digitally debunking Darwinism

Janey Collins is digitally debunking Darwinism

A recent news story: Two Australian girls, ages 10 and 12, were lost in a storm drain. Rather than use their phones to call for help, they changed their facebook statuses. A friend saw the message and called emergency services.

You’d think I’d go off on the runaway oversaturation of facebook in daily life. No, I’m going to turn this on families, the original social network. You might not be able to control what your jittery tweens do online, but it’s still your responsibility to impart common sense lessons for the real world. Like how to dial 911, or 116 or whatever they have down there.

Open letter to parents: Do your fucking job, wouldja?

[via ABC News]