MELANCHOLY WALLPAPER BWhen you care to send the very true, check out Melancholy Greetings. In the vein of the biting, often hilarious canned salutations of someecards.com, Melancholy Greetings offers punchy one-liners that punch you right where it hurts the most, wherever that may be. Take, for instance, the basic category:

general malaise

Are you having trouble articulating that vaguely nonplussed, out-of-sorts feeling that dogs your waking hours? Perhaps one of these all-purpose, melancholy-inspired cards will do the trick.

But wait, get this: they’re actual, physical cards. Remember those? Go crazy, go analog! Pick up a card (I found them at Barnes & Noble), pick up a pen, and pick a friend to dazzle with your magic-like Pony Express abilities. It’s OK if you need to facebook him for his address.

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