Michael Jackson to Play Casino Showcases (w/ Garth Brooks and Other Special Guests)

Tell me that if you’re driving up I-84 and you see a billboard with these photos on it you’re not risking a major collision.

I’m not sure what’s the most disturbing. A concert — Legends in Concert, to be exact — that includes Bette Midler, Elton John and Gwen Stefani, the fact that at 65 mph it’s impossible to distinguish these impostors from the genuine articles, or that Michael Jackson is already performing his own memorial shows. Too soon, MJ.

I get why people go to tribute shows. You know what you’re getting. You like a certain artist, or entropic melange of disparate artists, but you can’t afford their shows, or they don’t come to your town, or they’re dead, so you head to the nearest casino for a night of covers. It does make sense. Still, do we really need these people to dress up and pretend they are the singers whose songs they’re singing? I know it’s a longstanding tradition and that many a man has made his career emulating the gyrations, sideburns and, depending on the era, jelly rolls of Elvis Presley, but isn’t there something inherently creepy about the whole thing? Frankly, it reeks of desperation. And cultural simplicity: You look and sound like Gwen Stefani, and that’s good enough for me! (ps, can we take a moment for the fact that there are Gwen Stefani impersonators?)

For my money, I’m going to wait til science gets reanimation up and running.

2 responses to “Michael Jackson to Play Casino Showcases (w/ Garth Brooks and Other Special Guests)

  1. Well, Journey has basically been its own tribute band for over ten years now. So if they can do it, why can’t a man who wishes he was Elton John?

    By the way, will the Garth Brooks look-a-like also do a set as Chris Gaines? One could only hope.

  2. seems like legends is confirming what we’ve known for years, michael has been dead for 20 years. by the way, is LAPD serious calling this a homicide? unreal.

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