Get in the Cage


For those Time Warner Cable customers with some free time and a hankering for the Cage, this one’s for you. Tune in to channel 700, HD OnDemand, for your choice of 19, that’s right, folks, 19 Nicolas Cage movies.

  1. Ant Bully
  2. City of Angels
  3. Con Air
  4. Face/Off
  5. Gone in 60 Seconds
  6. Kiss of Death
  7. Knowing
  8. Leaving Las Vegas
  9. Lord of War

    Buy this.

    Buy this.

  10. Matchstick Men
  11. Moonstruck
  12. National Treasure
  13. Racing with the Moon
  14. The Rock
  15. Valley Girl
  16. Vampire’s Kiss
  17. Wicker Man
  18. Windtalkers
  19. Wild at Heart

By “your choice” I obviously mean that it’s fully your choice in what order to watch them all. Incidentally, I’m sure they’ll put Ghost Rider on the list as soon as Ghost Rider 2 starts production. (It’s currently “in development.”) And if you’re craving a classic as I am, I believe you can find Raising Arizona on one of the pay on demand channels.

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