Morning Programming Challenge

As mentioned I just got a new computer. In the process of moving files over from my old one, I’ve uncovered things I’ve written and forgotten about, including this bit of code from a college intro comp sci class I don’t really remember taking. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what it does?

#include <iostream>

#include <string>

#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

void Puppy (string);       //prototypes

float Rug (float, float, float);

int main()


string name;

float num1, num2, price, prod;

cout.setf(ios::fixed | ios::showpoint);

//prompt for keyboard input

cout << “What is the name of your puppy? ” << endl;

getline ( cin, name );

Puppy (name);

cout << “What are the width and length of the damaged carpet (in feet)? ” << endl;

cin >> num1 >> num2;

cout << “What is the price per square foot of new carpeting? ” >> endl;

cin >> price;

Rug (num1, num2, price);

cout << “It will cost me $” << setprecision (2) << prod << ” to replace the carpet.  GRRR!” \

<< endl;

return 0;


void Puppy ()


getline ( cin, name );

cout <<  “My new puppy, ” << name << “, just chewed a large hole in the carpet!”  << endl <<\

“It looks like I will have to get a new one.” << endl << endl;


float Rug (float num1, float num2, float price)


float prod;

prod = num1 * num2 * price;

return prod;


Also found some homework that included the word “floppies.”

{ins << wistful sigh >>}

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