Spread for Ted

The TED talks website is one of those rare, shining examples of the veritable good the Internet can bring: Intelligent — and quick — speeches, from intelligent — and often quick-witted — people. Definitely take some time to mouse around it if you’re unfamiliar (or re-check it out if you’ve been there before). Boing Boing posted this brilliant spreadsheet put up by the ubergeeks at Economists Do It with Models. Sortable by date, conference, or speaker’s first name, what it lacks in aesthetics it more than compensates for in elegant organization of hours upon hours of eminently worthwhile commentary on science, technology, entertainment and more. (The site itself sorts talks by topic as well as by most jaw-dropping, persuasive, ingenious, beautiful, funny….)

Take some time to browse the spreadsheet. You might be inspired to dive into one of the talks — and you’ll look like you’re doing work in the meantime.

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