Afghan Girl Killed by British Airforce Propaganda Leaflets

We all hear plenty about the Death of Print, but rarely of Death by Print.

According to the BBC, a box of informational pamphlets dropped over a rural province of Afghanistan by Britain’s Royal Air Force struck and killed a young woman in June.

The box was supposed to open in midair, letting the leaflets’ message (about free elections or somesuch Democratic nonsense) float peacefully to the ground. A light sprinkling of liberation. But it failed to break apart during free fall and landed intact on the girl, who died later in a hospital.

“Leaflet drops,” said the BBC piece, “have been used extensively in Afghanistan by US and British forces in the battle to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the local population.” Not this time, I reckon.

(BBC, from Wired via Boing Boing)

One response to “Afghan Girl Killed by British Airforce Propaganda Leaflets

  1. I would imagine a leaflet drop is about as impactful as religious advertising in the subway (Creflo A. Dollar, Etc.), you may get a few people to join your cause but are THOSE the people you really want?

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