Art of Recycled Media

I lament the demise of cassette tapes as an acceptable form of music-listening and the subsequent obsolescence of car tape decks. And while I don’t condone melting your tapes, if there’s a coolest way to do it, this guy Brian Dettmer has got it down. Not only is this awesome skull sculpted from old cassettes, it includes recordings from such hard rock luminaries as Motley Crüe and Judas Priest.

Dettmer also seems to appreciate encyclopedias and science reference books as much as I do, if much more creatively. How dope is this “altered book” piece entitled Science in the Twentieth Century:

Click the photo above for more tome-manipulations, and check out Designboom for more awesome cassette tape artifacts, including a ram skull and a full skeleton.

[via Apartment Therapy New York]

One response to “Art of Recycled Media

  1. These are almost as good as your transformation of old jeans into a pocket book.

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