Google Game ABCs

The ABCs. The basics. The nuts and, if you will, the bolts. The ABCs of Googling might be summarized as:

A. Go to

B. Type words of interest

C. Learn

Or, looked at another way, the ABCs of Googling are, quite simply, the As, the Bs and the Cs being Googled. Click through to learn what your fellow searchers are searching for, alphabetically speaking.

A:                                                 B:                                               C:

gg agg bgg c

The sleeper search hit? Definitely Disney’s Antarctic-aquatic Second Life world, Club Penguin, “where children play games and interact with friends in the guise of colourful penguin avatars.” The website says it’s for kids 6-14, but that it’s open to users of all ages. I’m going to call myself FlipperBaby. No way kids these days would get thalidomide jokes, right?

And let us recognize Mr. Billy Mays, the consummate pitchman even in death, for his posthumous popularity. This kind of fame is not sold in stores.

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