Google Game: W… What… What the…

Let’s start today with a quick refresher in internet basics, shall we?

gg w

Here’s a tip from someone who’s really web savvy: You can type those addresses right into that fancy address bar up there. Totally saves a step!

I mean. What?

gg what

Wait. What? Oh, that? That’s just this book by this British talk show celebrity called Vanessa Feltz. Interweb intel is thin — and moronic — but according Wikipedia (ug. sorry.) it’s a book about sex for girls. Course, that don’t seem quite right neither. Though it might explain why people who ordered similar items on Amazon also purchased a lot of Berenstain Bears books. Berenstain Bears Experiment with Food?


Now, notice, if you would, the search suggestion two down. “What time is it”? Apparently we need a refresher in clock basics, too. Jesus.

Seriously. What the?

gg what the

It’s not all bad. What the Font is part of a site for graphics-folk trying to ID a typeface. What the Duck: A wry and funny web comic about a duck photographer. That is, a photographer who is a duck. And What the Pho is a chain of Vietnamese noodle shops in Washington, should you be in the Pacific Northwest with a hankering for broth. Helps if you know it’s pronounce “fuh.”

Then there’s What the Buck, YouTube’s “#1 Entertainment Show.” And believe you me, their standards are high. This web-only flaming faux Greg Proops is unwatchable. And yet, he’s been watched over 180 million times.

But is he on What the Trend? This site tracks the most popular words and phrases being tossed around on Twitter and explains , or attempts to explain, why all the tossing. Trending at press time?


Plus, Wale’s new album, “Attention Deficit,” dropping tomorrow. No, it’s not “whale” and it’s not “Wall-E.” It’s Wale. Wall. Ay.

What the hell.

4 responses to “Google Game: W… What… What the…

  1. I’m disturbed by the fact that not even google can properly use “your” and “you’re”. “What to do when your bored”??? You’re Google!!! We rely on you to spread correct information!!!

    What the duck, Google? What the duck?

  2. I often type an address directly into the Google toolbar because my office blocks certain websites attempted through the address bar, but does not do so when accessed through Google.

    I don’t know why this is, but I’m certainly contributing to these suggestions.

    • Brilliant. Thanks for the insight. Based on this intel I took a look for the most common urls input into the Google search bar. Standard fare. Facebook, YouTube, MySpace (yes, people still use it), Craigslist, Hotmail (people still use that, too). There was one surprise: Uh…

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