Google Game: How, a two-fer

As we’ve certainly observed before, clear patterns often emerge when looking at the web’s most popular searches. And sometimes, nestled in among the usual questions (which usually, it seems, have to do with pregnancy), there’s a Google Suggestion that stands out from the pack.

With that in mind, today NHM brings you a game within a game. After the jump, take a look at a selection of suggested results for searches beginning with “how” and see if you can find the ones that don’t belong.


1. How e…

9 out of 10 people on the internet are worried about pregnancy. 1 out of 10 wants to know how electricity works. (If you’re the kind of person who thinks about how electricity works, you probably aren’t the kind of person who’s due for a pregnancy scare any time soon.)

2. How i…

Well, first the man inserts his pennis into the laddy’s vag-ina.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. How n…

Several cracked me up here. There’s the aging v. nuclear power paradigm, which looks a lot like pregnancy v. electricity. But then you’ve also got how not to be seen, which I assume is either wannabe spies, or people who have already searched “how not to look old” and “how not to be shy” and come up short. Finally, I can answer the last one for you: By getting off the internet.

4. How o…

If you have to ask…

a. you’re too old not to know.


b. you’re too young to be fucking.

5. How z…

They don’t. Because they’re lazy, and they’re a drain on society.

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