Keeping it Clean on TNT: Die Hard, Try Harder

My favorite thing about a lazy Sunday is watching movies on basic cable. And my favorite thing about watching movies on basic cable is the overdubbing. Yesterday (like so many Sundays before it) the afternoon was inscribed by the first two Die Hards consecutively, punctuated, naturally, by a truncated “yippee ki yay, mother fucker.”

But it wasn’t until partway through Die Hard 2, in a control tower showdown between Bruce Willis and Dennis Franz that I got an earful of perhaps the worst, and therefore most entertaining, overdub I’ve ever had the pleasure to behold. Please pardon the budget recording and enjoy:

I mean, really, could they have found anyone that sounds less like John McClane? They might as well have had a woman do it. I guess when you’re trying to pull off changing “fat ass” to “fat feet” (is that what he says there? sounds like “fat geek”) it hardly matters who’s doing the VO.

Seriously, I can’t stop watching this.

5 responses to “Keeping it Clean on TNT: Die Hard, Try Harder

  1. linky no worky

  2. ill never forget watching die hard part 3 on a cruise ship. in an cursing tirade sam jackson called jeremy irons a “mellon farmer”

    • I’ve always been fond of “Don’t fool with the Lords of Hell” from Adventures in Babysitting. My, the NYC subway is a scary place.

  3. Wow, Die Hard and Kung Foo all in one. It seems the UM is remiss in pointing out this renders PIP and the “last” button obsolete.

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