Lost Boy: And then there was one (Corey, that is)

When I first heard the news about Corey Haim’s passing, my thought was I’ve got to post that video he made. But I didn’t. It seemed in bad taste. Upon a couple hours’ worth of reflection, however, I’ve changed my attitude: The taste might be bad, but it’s too good not to share. Behold Me, Myself and I, from 1989.

I will admit that I got a pang of guilt and sadness when Haim says he hopes in ten years to be watching dolphins from his mansion in Tahiti (he wasn’t). But between the dramatic pumping-up of the alligator float, the new Japanese Pop Funk demonstrations beginning around minute 3 — you know, that “funky hip pop jam thing” — the modeling and the earnest ramblings (professional goal: to go from being the younger brother to the older brother, or the only brother), the bad feelings just sort of melt away.

Rest in peace, The Cute Corey.

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