Google Game: What’s the most…?

I was a little surprised to see that “most painful piercing” made it into this top ten.

OK, well maybe not that surprised. But anyway, I’m going to let that query go unanswered for now (feel free to search for yourselves) and focus first on the most-viewed YouTube video. Can you guess what it is? Take a moment or two to come up with your selection then follow me over the jump for the answer.


As of today, with 178.3 million views, the all-time most watched video on YouTube is:

Charlie bit my finger – again !
0:56   May 22, 2007

Charlie bit my finger - again !

Coming in at number two, in an impressive 6-month rise to supremacy, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video (177.7m views)
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

And rounding out the top three, with 141.1m clicks, Evolution of Dance.

Evolution of Dance


Watching that guy run through all the ridiculous dances so many of us have done in public over the years is an entertaining form of communal self-humiliation. Kind of like reviewing what you’ve wasted hours of your life watching on YouTube. Incidentally, Gaga reappears in the #9 spot in YouTube’s current top ten. Miley Cyrus videos hold the #4 and #8 slots, with the funny laughing baby sandwiched in 5th place. And Susan Boyle? Relegated to just outside, at #11.

In a similar but less visually stimulating exercise you can see today’s most common Google searches and take a historical look back at three year’s of Google search trends here. They’re surprisingly boring, actually, but you might stumble upon something you forgot about. A year ago were you searching for the Spector verdict?

2 responses to “Google Game: What’s the most…?

  1. Bizarre. I was literally doing just this last night.

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