Google Game Images Edition: Archaeological Dig

In a departure from our usual Google Game, today we take a look at set of Google Image search results.

Upon learning that the Unhappy Mediator is soon departing to live out an Indiana Jones fantasy in Syria, a friend ran a quick Google Image query for “archaeological dig.” This is a snapshot of what she found:

And here’s a zoom in on the first image result returned:

Yes, a diorama. Complete with Astroturf. How is that the first image? How?

Out of curiosity I ran a little search of my own, on rival search engine Bing Images. I found that the top result was something comparably hilarious and improbable.

A Magic card.

2 responses to “Google Game Images Edition: Archaeological Dig

  1. That is a terrible Magic card.

  2. Why are you surprised? Magic the Gathering and Star Wars will always dominate any search you do online. Nerds uber alles!

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