Google Game: Good Ideas

After an extended break, the Unhappy Mediator is back with some Google Gaming goodness for you. And I do mean goodness. I thought perhaps I’d try to do some good with today’s post. And my public service starts with this:

Here’s a good idea for you: Don’t get a tattoo you found searching the internet. Find out why after the jump.

Pulled from the Google Images results for “good ideas for tattoos,” six reasons not to ask the internet for “good ideas for tattoos”:

I don’t remember Spiderman’s costume being under his skin. Just sayin.


…real f’ing classy.

Safe for sweatpants, anyway:

My real problem with this one? There’s not even a hole there.
I know you burned a lot more than a Benjamin to ink that masterpiece.. of crap.

One response to “Google Game: Good Ideas

  1. While searching the interwebs for tattoo photos provides minutes and minutes of entertainment, I’m also intrigued by “good ideas for poems”. I mean, what can you find?

    1. Fences make good metaphors.
    2. What color is a rose? Red! That’s right! And violets? Nope, not what you think! Now rhyme it, bitch, and watch her swoon.
    3. Everyone in the entire world will be captivated by your teenage angst. Make sure to use the word “banal”. Not only is it fitting, it also rhymes with…

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