We’ll have a bottle of the Richbourg 2.0

South Gate Restaurant on New York’s Central Park South now offers its extensive wine list to patrons on iPads. The Times says there’s a restaurant in Atlanta doing it, too, and one in Australia.

Not so bizarre, I suppose, especially for a shmancy joint with a big wine list. But imagine the smudges on those things. I can’t help but picture some overstuffed, rich fatty smearing his meaty digits across the screen digging for the perfect pairing for his wild boar ragout.

Imagination will have to suffice for me as I live a life of ordering off chalkboards.

“Waiter, can you bring me a clean iPad? There’s lipstick on this one.”

2 responses to “We’ll have a bottle of the Richbourg 2.0

  1. Do you think that if certain seedy Chelsea bars started using iPads that there would be customers offering the following request: “‘Scuse me, barkeep, but may I please have another iPad? This one doesn’t have cum on it.”

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