Women’s Thoughts on Sexist Ads More Offensive than Ads Themselves

My brother sent me a link to some awesomely sexist magazine ads on icanhasinternets.com. So entertaining the mid-20th Century obsession with douching (if you don’t, he’ll leave you) and those starkly-drawn distinctions between the woman’s place in the home and the man’s place in the office. Or car. You look at these unbelievably offensive ads and think, Boy, have we come a long way.

Then you look at the comments and you take it back…

  • d bourdeau says:


  • AH says:

    Perhaps a little light douching of the cavern in between your ears would help clean the chauvinist right out of you! (Watch out ladies, he’s serious, he used all CAPS!)

    Kadee S says:

    Hahahahaha your so funny!!!!!! I agree with AH!

    Helena Brunner says:

    D Bourdeau,

    Your insecurity likely stems from your feelings of inadequacy as a man. Get some psychological help. Perhaps a doctor can convince you to be happy with yourself so that you will stop trying to feel better by putting down others. Let me guess…racist too?

    Beatrice Lee says:

    You go, girl!

Oh my god are you women fucking serious? Do you have any idea what damage you do when you’re blind to humor and incited to baseless lashings-out by latent indignant rage crouched just below the surface seeking any one-eyed target? You realize you’re simply underscoring over and over the very hypersensitive, histrionic no-fun reputation you’re historically/hysterically railing against.

And seriously, we have got to let go of “You go, girl.” It’s holding us back more than Real Housewives and foot-binding.

Here’s an idea: Stop acting like stupid bitches and maybe you won’t be perceived as stupid bitches.

Whoa, Nelly! Too fine a point for ya? Well, then, to end on a friendlier note, take in the couldn’t-have-been-better-if-I-planned-it-this-way juxtaposition of this old-timey ad from the original post and this modern one that surfaced in the pop up that appeared with it:

A long way indeed.

d bourdeau says:


One response to “Women’s Thoughts on Sexist Ads More Offensive than Ads Themselves

  1. Who saw Mad Men two weeks ago, the one where Joan flips at Peggie in elevator? Not a bad little bit of context, even if it is fictional, in relation to this post, for which I, ahem, take full credit.

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