Sharing Time

I’ve been conspicuously unprolific  here lately. Too wrapped up in myself, I think, to give to the blog. What have I been doing instead? Well, you know, I’m often told that I can be frustratingly reluctant to talk about what I’m up to. So
in an effort to embrace a lemons-to-
lemonade attitude I’ll try to turn my uncomfortable internet silence into productive sharing. I’ve been sitting here for weeks with my horn in my hand, I may as well toot it. (How’d that metaphor work for you? A little funny, or just awkward?)

In lieu of any original content, please feel free to check out my story in the December issue of Wired magazine, probably the coolest publication to bestow on me a byline. (Sorry, NYU Physician quarterly.) If you’re feeling analog, you can find it on newsstands now, but it costs real money and you have to get up to get it, so I wouldn’t bother. Though it will help you achieve that plugged-in geekster look when you’re reading it on the F train.

6 responses to “Sharing Time

  1. Horn in your hand?

    Also, congrats!

    • You know, ’cause, like, I don’t have the right appendage for that adage. So maybe I was stretching it. I don’t mean it, like it it. See, this is what I get for going out on a ledge.

  2. Also: why is your email address “”? Is this a nickname given to you by your wired coworkers based on your propensity to spew crazy conspiracy theories?

  3. Heh heh. Fantasy football. I don’t even understand real football. What happens after the tip off?

  4. congratulations!

    fantasy football represents the intersection of two things that i have almost no knowledge about, so thank you for adding to my tiny canon!! (

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