The Department of Energy Unwraps Explosive New Technology

R&D Magazine (what do you mean you don’t have a subscription?!) just named the winners of its annual R&D 100 Awards for excellence in the field of R and the related field of D. Among them, Argonne National Laboratory’s work in renewable methane production. The Department of Energy lab announced the exciting news today:

The Enhanced Renewable Methane Production System is a low-cost process that accelerates biological methane production rates at least fivefold. …This system addresses one of the largest barriers to the expansion of renewable methane – the naturally slow rate of production. To overcome this hurdle, Argonne researchers examined the natural biology of methane production… to accelerate biological methane production while sequestering CO2.

Click through to learn how they did it.

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3 responses to “The Department of Energy Unwraps Explosive New Technology

  1. i sense sarcasm and smell farts

  2. I heart Argonne.

    • The Unhappy Mediator

      The folks at Argonne just invited me to come visit after seeing a story I wrote in PopSci. Assuming they didn’t see this post. Might have to jump on it before they do. Wanna come?

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