Just the Tips

Scientists. Smart, but not always so savvy. I recently found myself somehow on the mailing list for the newsletter of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. If your organization goes by the acronym PNAS, ought you call your weekly dispatch the Tipsheet?

My introductory email explained that I may “show relevant parts of the PNAS tipsheet” to independent specialists to solicit informed comment. But each tipsheet is “NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE.”

I should hope not.

3 responses to “Just the Tips

  1. I was recently looking at a fellowship offered through PNAS. I giggled as I read the job announcement. Probably doesn’t bode well for me getting that fellowship. It’s too bad – I know that I’d like working with PNAS.

    • And many of us know you’re naturally adept at working with entities like PNAS. It’s just a matter of getting a good grasp on the material. I’m sure you’d be able to handle the job.

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