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Video Cool on Own Merits, Not Just Because It References the 80s

“8-Bit Trip” is leagues better than your average multimedia genuflection to 80s pop culture.  Ignore the guy’s too-ironic-for-school ensemble in the first few seconds and enjoy one of history’s most impressive Lego feats (1,500 hours of work, according to the artists). If you like any or all of the following — Lego, stop animation, Nintendo, Atari, synth, awesome — and are not epileptic, you absolutely must check out this video homage to a bygone era by composer Daniel Larsson and animator Tomas Redigh, together Sweden’s Rymdreglage.

The ninjas Kung Fu fighters freakin’ kill me. And the new perspective on Pac-Man? Enlightened, enlightening.

But my number one takeaway: I no longer want to donate my body to science. Please entomb me in a Manda-shaped Lego sarcophagus.