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More Fun with Apostrophes

FireShot capture #072 - 'How To Use An Apostrophe - The OatmealIn case we hadn’t beaten the apostrophe discussion to death, here’s an illustrated guide to proper usage from the guys over at TheOatmeal.com, a site full of quizzes and comics with (often misleadingly) clever titles.

It pretty much covers all apostrophal eventualities. One thing I’d like to add to the it(’)s question: think of the possessive “its” like “his” or “hers.” Those possessive pronouns don’t have apostrophes either. Neato!

Have grammar or punctuation quandaries of your own? You’re not alone. If you’re unsure, then others probably are, too. (Extensive market research of both this blog’s readers indicate that whoever you are, you’re most likely wicked smart.) Feel free to email the Unhappy Mediator with questions and maybe we can all learn something.

Meantime, click the apostrophe chart on the right, or visit the original at apostrophe.me

Happy punctuating.



ps. I second that –>

Punctuation Mark’s Aren’t Toy’s

In light of the recent post on rules of writing, how about some real life examples of what not to do?

We’ve all seen our fair share of misplaced apostrophes hanging around in plural words, like this one, here, on a note in my apartment building:

apologies if you see these words instead of a picture. wordpress is fucking with us all.

(I see another resident has his eyes on proofreading, a kindred word nerd in Alphabet City.) But this one spotted in Williamburg, BK, is truly creative in its positioning:

downsized 0916091729

I’ve seen “your” for “you’re” and vice versa. But the “you’r” iteration is new to me. Clever, no?

Now allow me to pass the mic to Drew, author of my favorite web comic, toothpastefordinner.com

(This ones a shirt!)