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The Subtle Art of Advertising Beer and/or Anal

Saw this amusing post from foodstuff blog Eat Me Daily. It takes a quick but critical look at a new Bud Light Lime commercial that boasts about as much good taste as, well, a Bud Light Lime.

Quoth the blog:

Nothing like innuendo about anal sex to sell some canned light beer flavored with lime. AdAge called it “juvenile,” but that’s sort of the point. It’s attention-getting for sure, but the joke, repeated over and over, gets old quick.

Good start, but the commentary is missing some bigger, vital questions. For instance: Are we to believe that the first chick, that slut by the pool, just got it in the can for the first time? Bullshit. You can see it in her eyes: she tells ’em all she’s “never done this before.” It makes them feel special.

I pity the two dudes at the end. They clearly have a lot of issues to deal with. The guy in the suit, the one waiting for his court appearance, needs to work through the anger. I give him another year and a half before he cracks. And when he does, my money’s on Mr. Button Down going Super Queen. Meanwhile, bro on the golf course was probably equally steeped in shame after Hell Week at the frat his Freshman year.

Now, stepping back and taking a look at the ad with full knowledge that it’s for an alcoholic beverage, can we talk about the woman getting out of the shower? Notice the light pouring in the window behind her. It’s 8 in the morning, lady. Get help.

Finally, I’d like to point out that the blog that says the commercial’s central joke “repeated over and over, gets old quick” is called Eat Me Daily.