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Take for the Weekend and the Back End

Weekend box office grosses put The Expendables on top with a $35 million take, with Eat Pray Love’s $23.7 million gross on its tail. Speaking of tail, be aware that if you go see this girly adaptation, you’re in for some “male rear nudity.” The MPAA’s warning:

Do we really need our movie ratings to be this specific? I’d like to see the label on a rerelease of Boogie Nights.

Google Game: Butt (and other words you shouldn’t say)

Being of a sophisticated and inquisitive nature, I decided today to Google search for “Butt.” As I finished the word the typical list of suggestions appeared:

But then, when I hit the spacebar, they all vanished. I tried again. And again, the same thing. No-space gave me butterfly tattoos and buttons. Space gave me bupkis. I wondered, “Is Google trying to tell me something?” I was no longer seeking mere search results; I was seeking answers. So I did what anyone would do. I typed in “Ass.”

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