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Dads Say the Darndest Things

This fall CBS will air a new show based on the popular Twitter feed Shit My Dad Says, or @shitmydadsays for those of you who are no longer comfortable with capitals and spaces. The sitcom stars William Shatner, who’s really running with this career renaissance thing, and would be the ideal vehicle for lines like…

“They’re offended? Fuck, shit, asshole, shitfuck; they’re just words…Fine. Shitfuck isn’t a word, but you get my point.”

…if only you could say things like that on CBS. To keep it family-friendly — and contrary to Shatner’s opinion — the show is called $#*! My Dad Says, where $#*! is pronounced “bleep.” (Related: Does anyone know how to say Dance Your A** Off? I’ve never had to, but what if I do?)

Unfortunately for fans of Shatner and fathers without filters, the show looks borderline atrocious. They should have gone with Tourette’s Guy.

Don’t talk shit about Total. And fuck salt.