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Fun with Grammar, a Lesson in What Not to Do (When Breaking up, or Pretty Much Ever)

I’d like to draw your attention today to Breakup Letter, Dramatic Reading, which features, as you may have guessed, a dramatic reading of a breakup letter (below), originally posted on Craigslist. It may be familiar to many of you. If you haven’t been to the site you must go. If you have, it’s time to go back. Brought to us by the gents behind You’re the Man Now, Dog (ytmnd.com), this gem in the crown of Internet forwards is more than a hilarious three-minute diversion. It’s an allegory of a world without grammar lessons. A cold, dark place where there’s never time to pause for breath and everyone sounds like a foreigner on uppers.

The link takes you straight to the audio of the reading, so if you’re at work, pop in them headphones:


Please, if you ever have a moment when you’re wondering why it matters where that comma goes, just think of this letter… and of the children.