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Facebook and the Lost Art of Storytelling

I’m a storyteller. I love weaving a yarn, on the pages of a magazine, or over coffee with a friend. But today’s constant flow of information makes it hard to get the drop on a juicy tale, and that goes forĀ  good gossip as well as hard news. I find myself constantly scooped, even among friends and family.

Here, in brief, storytelling in the Facebook age:

Person 1: I was at Jason’s wedding this weekend.
Person 2: I know.
Person 1: Oh. Well, it was a beautiful wedding.
Person 2: Yeah, I saw the pictures
Person 1: I didn’t know you were friends.
Person 2: We’re not.
Person 1: But you saw pictures?
Person 2: You looked fat.

Person 1: Hey, my college friend Rachel had a baby!
Person 2: Is it a boy or a girl?
Person 1: Oh man, I don’t even know!
Person 2: It’s a boy. Get on Facebook.

Person 1: Big news! I called to tell you I–
Person 2: I know.

And they all lived virtually ever after. The end.

Google Game: Information

It’s so basic. What are people looking for online? Information, of course. What on? Let’s take a look at Google’s top ten.

From this I surmise that we, as a population seek

  • to keep up on current events
  • insurance that we won’t be mauled
  • to put a ring on it
  • a back-up plan
  • an A in Social Studies
  • too much candy
  • a vacation
  • an adventure
  • an escape