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FLA Gov Charlie Crist Writes a Prescription for Phone Sex

...and has little David had his flu shot?

This is why land lines should be obsolete:

Gov. Charlie Crist made a recording for parents who are put on hold when they call KidCare for information about the health insurance program.

“You can apply at http://www.flkidcare.org or by calling (number),” the recording says.

But the number the governor gave had nothing to do with KidCare. It sent callers to another number, which eventually sent them to a recording that says, “Hey there, sexy guy, welcome to an exciting new way to go live one on one with hot (expletive) girls waiting right now to talk to you,” reports News4Jax.com.

The governor’s office said callers have been hearing the wrong number for at least two months.

“He read it right, the script was wrong,” said Sterling Ivey, a spokesman for Crist, in a phone interview.

[via Sun Sentinel]