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Today’s TV Notables, from the Sublime to the Shore

I’ve hated on Jimmy Fallon and his late night show before (and will again), but this bit is pure brilliance. Jimmy Fallon doing Neil Young doing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. An epic joke, expertly executed. A tip of the cap, sir.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And speaking of hating: “If hating is your occupation, I’ve probably got a full time job for you.” Orientation starts December 3rd when the bros and hos of “Jersey Shore,” MTV’s newest serial Ipecac, make their primetime debut.

This is the true story… of 7 guidos named Tony (Toni if it’s a chick)… picked to live in a share… have their hair gelled and their tans faked… to see what happens… when people start drinking at noon… and stop having dignity.

Late Night with Cognitive Dissonance

Would I accept an ice cream cone from Hitler? A back rub from Beelzebub? I reckon it would depend on how hot/stiff I were. But in either case, I’m sure I’d feel really awkward about it.

These were the questions rolling through my head as I watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. It was bad enough that I was watching Jimmy Fallon in the first place. (Sorry, guy, but you sort of suck.) Joe Scarborough made an unlikely guest, especially following Chris Kattan. They briefly talked about his primping regimen before he begins his daily mugging on Morning Joe, and I was surprised to hear no discussion of Starbuck’s new dark roast or the perfect marketing synergy of two iconic brands.

Youve got a touch of Frappuccino right there, Joey.

You've got a touch of Frappuccino right there, Joey.

I was more surprised, however, when Joe, handed a Fender, started singing Elvis Costello’s “Mystery Dance.”

I was thrown into a state of utter confusion. I wanted to tap my toes — but I also wanted to stomp my foot and wag my finger. Hey, Scarborough, where the hell do you get off liking something I like? How am I supposed to feel about myself now? My attempts to reconcile my loathing and love were futile.

I tried and I tried
But I’m still mystified
I can’t do it anymore
And I’m not satisfied

I hate it when bad people do good things. Remember when Sarah Palin was kinda awesome on Saturday Night Live? Wait. Wasn’t Jimmy Fallon on SNL back in the day? Note to self: if Fallon offers you a back rub, run.