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The LED was only supposed to last for one night… [UPDATED]

Just in time for Hanukkah, the perfect gift for the nerdy Jew in your life. The nerdiest Jew, that is.

The Deluxe LED Menorah kit from Evil Mad Science comes with a pre-programmed microcontroller, battery holder, nine ultrabright LEDs, an alignment guide for the LEDs, and a laser-cut acrylic stand, for $14. Or, for 3 bucks more, get the upgraded kit with white or blue LEDs.

Show them goyim gearheads how real men worship. You cut down a tree? That’s cute. I harnessed photons.

[via Make: Online]

Update Dec 10:

I think we found the ubergeek heeb I alluded to above:

Made from Evil Mad Science kit and Star Trek Pez dispensers. Baruch Uhura.

[via Make: Online]