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The Vertical Bed Helps You Catch Some Shuteye in the City That Never Sleeps

Someone should have thought of this sooner. The vertical bed. Collapsible into a George Jetson-like briefcase, the complete upright-sleep support system attaches to subway grates to support your body weight. The package also includes noise-canceling headphones, opaque sunglasses, and an umbrella. You know, in case you want to nap while standing in the rain.

One thing the designers forgot to hype: the soothing hot stench of subway grate air. Nothing eases me into sleep like noxious fumes wafting up from the steamy bowels of NYC’s mass transit system.

Apparently it works for the guy in the photo, too. He tested it by taking a 40-minute snooze at 33rd and Broadway. The site claims he “dreamed of a subversive van.” Any insight on that one, Freud?

Personally, I want one to wear to shows, so I can lean back and fold my arms judgmentally even when I can’t score real estate along the wall.

[via Gizmodo]