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Google Game… You Rent Those?

When it comes down to it, I’m sure there’s no way to be fully prepared for a lot of the things life throws at you, like, say, having a baby. You can rely to an extent on traditional wisdom, the experiences of your friends and family, books and whatnot — and after that it’s all trial and error. With the amount of baby-hullabaloo I’ve witnessed over the years I’ve acquired a decent amount of insight into the Pregnant Body and Life with Child. (Insight that I nary intend to exploit, though that’s neither here nor there.) So I, like most others who’ve also never been preggers, still know some of the ickier, more sensitive details about, say, breast feeding, or the prevention/correction of tearing (shudder) during delivery.

But of course, there’s plenty that I don’t know. Immeasurable amounts of information completely obscure to me. And short of getting myself knocked up (and, like, keeping it), there’s really only one way to find a lot of it out. Naturally, that’s Google. And naturally, some of it will be surprising. And kind of totally gross….

You rent those? Ew.