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Stick it to the Media

A man after my own heart. Self-described “geek comedian” Tom Scott has created a series of Journalism Warning Labels you can slap on your favorite — or least favorite — rag as a public service to other readers. Or as a stickily satisfying way to physically manifest your rage and disgust.

And how thoughtful, the kindly Brit included a link to a PDF of the labels that prints properly on standard American Avery sticker sheets.

Too bad we don’t have these for online publications. Of course if we did I wouldn’t be able to see my screen anymore. Too cluttered with labels like:

Warning: This post has been written by click whores riding the wave of this hour’s latest “news” story. There is nothing of value here.

Warning: Author has absolutely no credibility.

Warning: By clicking this link you are willfully contributing to the slow and inevitable degradation of human intelligence.

Warning: This video is not funny. The friend who sent it to you is wrong. I don’t care if he usually has the same keen sense of humor as you do. He’s wrong. It’s not funny. At all. Don’t waste your time.

[via Boing Boing]